When you are looking for a better hosting service and wish to change your service provider, you shall have to relocate the Internet site content to the web hosting servers of the new company. While this might be performed without difficulty for a little HTML site, it can be more difficult to migrate a script-driven website, which uses a database, let alone when you have a number of Internet sites. You shall have to move a lot of files, databases and emails, not mentioning that you shall have to import everything on the new hosting server and modify a variety of system settings in order to get the sites online on the new Internet hosting platform. To save you the time and the trouble to relocate your content, we provide a free website migration service, so based on the type of hosting and the specific plan which you select, our tech support can relocate even a number of websites for you, making certain that the way they look and perform shall be indistinguishable.

Assisted Website Migration in Website Hosting

After you get your new website hosting account, you'll be able to get in touch with our tech support crew and arrange the migration of your sites, which usually doesn't take more than 2 days. The amount of sites that we're able to relocate for you depends on the plan which you choose upon signup, but there is no package in which this service isn't available, so we could assist you even if you have only one small website and you prefer that our expert staff executes the migration. The only two demands are the current hosting server to be running on Linux and the platform you have employed to develop the Internet site on the first place not to be a closed-source one such as Jimdo or Wix as they do not provide access to the files. We'll migrate any sort of Internet site whatever the hosting Control Panel that you currently use and our offer is valid for both custom-made websites and ones designed with well known script-driven applications like Joomla or WordPress. Once our support team transfers everything, they'll check out the sites as to make sure that they are operating adequately and shall then inform you that you can change the name servers of your domain names and point them to our cloud platform.